A pack of scripts that disable controversial features in Windows 10.

EXE (scripts embedded, installer, recommended)

ZIP (with scripts) (might be out-of-date)

EXE in VirusTotal

(some false positives)

Source code

Hashes: see VirusTotal above

Newest version: v1.9.3 (3-14-2016)

The following features will be disabled by Fix10 (or can be, if you use individual scripts):

The EXE will also give you a shortcut to the Windows privacy settings and a way to set itself to start on every Windows startup.

Since version 1.3 (8-31-2015), the EXE also adds scripts to disable or enable Windows Update entirely.
Using such scripts is entirely at your own risk - when disabled, you will not be able to receive or even check for ANY updates - even security fixes.

Since version 1.4 (2-3-2016), you can remove most of the builtin Modern UI apps.

Since version 1.8 (2-5-2016), you can force-remove some Modern UI apps.

All of the EXE files were coded with C#: if you are insecure, you can use a .NET decompiler, such as JetBrains dotPeek. Or take a look at the source.

You run any of these scripts at your own risk. They didn't do any harm in my case, such as
break Windows, install Linux, delete my documents, blow up my house or make my children autistic,
but that doesn't 100% mean they won't for you. Licensed with DBAD

This breaks literally everything!!!!!!!!!!!11

Well, listen: Run DisableFix10Firewall.bat, then open Fix10Firewall.vbs under C:\Windows as admin, adding a new line in the beginning that reads
Then open the HOSTS file as admin (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) and remove all Fix10 lines apart from the comment "# [Fix10 Telemetry Blocker]". Then restart your PC.

Other tips

Deleting Cortana

(No sell outs either, just personal favorites) other tools I recommend using are Winaero Tweaker, OO ShutUp 10 and perhaps OldNewExplorer (you should read up about this before using it).

If you do download any external programs, make sure to check they're not malware though (there have been cases of download sites getting hacked)