A pack of scripts that disable controversial features in Windows 10.

EXE (scripts embedded, installer, recommended)

ZIP (with scripts) (might be out-of-date)

EXE in VirusTotal

(some false positives)

Source code

Hashes: see VirusTotal above

Newest version: v1.9.3 (3-14-2016)

The following features will be disabled by Fix10 (or can be, if you use individual scripts):

The EXE will also give you a shortcut to the Windows privacy settings and a way to set itself to start on every Windows startup.

Since version 1.3 (8-31-2015), the EXE also adds scripts to disable or enable Windows Update entirely.
Using such scripts is entirely at your own risk - when disabled, you will not be able to receive or even check for ANY updates - even security fixes.

Since version 1.4 (2-3-2016), you can remove most of the builtin Modern UI apps.

Since version 1.8 (2-5-2016), you can force-remove some Modern UI apps.

All of the EXE files were coded with C#: if you are insecure, you can use a .NET decompiler, such as JetBrains dotPeek. Or take a look at the source.

You run any of these scripts at your own risk. They didn't do any harm on my computers, such as break Windows, but that doesn't 100% mean they won't on yours. Licensed with DBAD

This breaks literally everything!!!!!!!!!!!11

Well, listen: Run DisableFix10Firewall.bat, then open Fix10Firewall.vbs under C:\Windows as admin, adding a new line in the beginning that reads
Then open the HOSTS file as admin (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) and remove all Fix10 lines apart from the comment "# [Fix10 Telemetry Blocker]". Then restart your PC.

Other tips

Deleting Cortana